Local Food


The Land of Ice and Fire

Reykjavik is the place to taste intriguing, diverse types of food. Many restaurants in Reykjavik offer our unique Icelandic cuisine and many others offer International cuisine.

Fish Market – Fiskmarkaðurinn

Fish Market is located in the old town of Reykjavik. If your looking for first-class fresh fish, meat or other Icelandic delicacies then Fish Market is the the place to go. Take a seat in their fine restaurant and choose from the tasting menu, starters, main courses, sushi and desserts. Beer and wine lovers will enjoy a wide variety of beverages to select from.

Hereford Steakhouse

Hereford is a fabulous restaurant located in Reykjavik's main shopping road – Laugavegur downtown. Delicious steaks will delight any lover of meat while vegetarians can enjoy a variety of salads.

Krua Thai

Krua Thai is a nice, cozy take away restaurant just a few steps from our house. You will find that noodles and Asian foods are very popular in Reykjavik; fragrant Asian aromas dance through the streets! At Krua Thai you will find reasonable prices and great food!


This magical place is located just a few minutes away from Villa. Enjoy a variety of food with an unforgettable atmosphere.

Local Tip: The restaurant is adjacent to Ostabúðin shop, a superb shop for many types of cheese, salami, jam, and pralines. Enjoy your shopping!